Clark Hall Doors

3034 Griffith St
Charlotte, NC 28203

Clark Hall Iron Doors Receive Hurricane Certifications

Clark Hall Iron Doors received the Florida Building Code's most stringent High Velocity/Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) approvals for custom designed wrought-iron doors. All homeowners along US coastlines will appreciate the performance delivered by Clark Hall wrought-iron doors in high velocity environments.  Unique to Clark Hall, iron door units can be custom built up to 12 feet wide and 13 feet tall in a variety of configurations and designs.   "The certifications include impact and non-impact glass ratings.   Whether a mountain application or a coastal application builders and homeowners can order custom design doors that meet nearly any design pressure requirements," said Tricia Kesling.  " We sought Florida Building Code certification, because they represent the highest standards in the industry.  Whether building along the Atlantic coastline or in the Blue Ridge mountains Clark Hall wrought-iron doors can be built to the most demanding standards."  


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