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Craftsman Entry Doors

These Classic Craftsman entry doors are sure to give your home a feeling of warmth and coziness. Typically you would find this style of entry door on Bungalow style homes, which first became popular as the lower middle class of America were able to afford these inexpensive homes (which could be built for as little as $900 before World War I) – the first of which was built by A. Page Brown in the early 1890's in San Francisco. But as many homeowners have come to realize, you don't need a Bungalow style home to enjoy the beauty of a Craftsman Style Entry Door. They bring 'old world charm' up to date with characteristics that are bound to give you an extra touch of style.
These doors are offered in a number of wood species from the smooth rich Mahogany wood grain to the naturally distressed one of a kind Andean Walnut. Or if you are building a custom project we can work with the wood of your choosing.

Our doors are handcrafted and provide a traditional look and feel that only real hardwoods can offer. We also allow you to choose from nine different glass styles to touch off your one of a kind beautiful Craftsman entry door unit.

All of our solid wood doors are built with engineered rails and stiles, groove-dowel construction and floating solid panels. This provides the best stability.


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