Clark Hall Doors and Windows

3034 Griffith St
Charlotte, NC 28203

Parts of An Entry Door

Caming: the metal bonding material that fuses glass pieces together (not shown)

Casing: the trim around the door that covers the jamb edges

Jamb: the vertical and horizontal portions of the frame where the entry door is secured

Lite (light): the glass inserted into the entry door to add light and a decorative accent

Mull Cover: the horizontal component between the door and transom

Mull Post: the vertical component between the entry door and sidelights

Mullion: the vertical component placed between the panels

Panel: the raised, flat, or staved section of the entry door that is supported by the stiles and rails

Panel Profile: the dimensional detail design of each panel (flat panel shown)

Rail: the horizontal component that frames the panels, lites, and mullions

Sash: the frame that contains the glass panes of a transom

Sidelite: the decorative glass component installed on one or both sides of the entry door

Sill: the bottom component of a door system

Sticking: the detailing around the perimeter of the panels or lites

Stile: the vertical component on either side of the entry door

Sweep: the flexible seal material attached to the bottom of the entry door

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