Clark Hall Doors and Windows

3034 Griffith St
Charlotte, NC 28203

Wrought-Iron Door Refinishing


Clark Hall Doors and Windows refinishes wrought-iron doors:   

  • We remove the door panels from your home and your opening is sealed and secured.
  • In our environmentally controlled warehouse we sand and refinish the doors.
  • We repaint your wrought-iron doors with an industrial automotive paint and then we hand faux the top coat to create depth and beauty.
  • In about a week we return the doors and replace worn weatherstripping and sweeps.

Our wrought-iron door finish comes with a 3-Year warranty.


A wrought-iron door refresh includes touch-up of knicks, scratches, and refinishing of isolated sections of the door. A refresh is done on site in just a few hours by our finishing professionals.

Call us at 704-987-0777 today to schedule wrought-iron door refinishing.

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